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Where the land meets the ocean and the sky....

45 Shell Road, Phippsburg, Maine  04562

The point of land known as 45 Shell Road and home for over a century to Rock Gardens Inn has been a refuge for artists, writers, travelers, and anyone seeking relief and respite from the pressures of the wider world for over a century. Situated on an idyllic peninsula, bordered by the sea and shores comprised of granite and quartz, this property preserves the sensibilities of summertime and memories from decades past. From the sun-drenched lawns and gardens, to the dramatic shoreline and sunsets that light up both the sky and waves, the property has been a safe haven for all who visit. The time has come for its owner to share this breathtaking property, for its next steward to come and create their own legacy on the shores of Maine

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Rock Gardens Inn: Built in the 1880’s, Rock Gardens Inn offers a reception area, fireplaced living room, a library on the sun-porch, commercial kitchen, dining room, and 3 en-suite bedrooms plus a half bath on the 2nd level. Approximately 3200 square feet.


Trail’s End: Built in the early 1900’s, and as its name connotes, Trail’s End rests at the very tip of the peninsula. It offers views of the point and the entrance of Round Cove from the bedroom and deck and expansive westerly views from the sun-porch and the upstairs bedroom suite and balcony. The 1st floor sitting room has a fireplace and two first floor en-suite bedrooms, both with decks.


West View: Built in the early 1900’s, West View is set between Point of View and Trail’s End and also offers westerly views from the sun-porch and fireplaced living room. The cottage is one level with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. One bedroom and the bath share the westerly ocean view as well. Approximately 836 square feet.  

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Point of View: Built in 1985 the westerly facing, year- round home has stunning views of Casco Bay and its rocky islands. Built into the contours of the land with three levels of living space, it has an open kitchen, dining and living area, with a woodstove, 3 bedrooms, (one lofted), a studio/office with a loft and 2 full baths. There is also a wrap-around deck, screened in porch and a balcony off the master bedroom and other 2nd floor bedroom. Approximately 1512 square feet.  

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Broad View: Built between 1910-1920. Broad View is across the road from West View. It faces Round Cove and is set right at the ocean’s edge. All on one level, Broad View offers 4 en-suite bedrooms, 2 with their own decks right over the water. There is a sunporch and fireplaced living room. Approximately 1374 square feet. 

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Cool Ledge: Built in the 1950’s, Cool Ledge is next to Broad View and also faces the cove. There is a small entryway, fireplaced living room and sun-porch all looking over the cove. The 2 en-suite bedrooms are on an elevated level accessed by a short set of stairs. Approximately 786 square feet.  

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Cove Side: Built in the 1920’s, Cove Side is nestled between the Inn and Grey Rocks. It looks toward the cove. There is a small front porch, fireplaced living room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Approximately 544 square feet

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Grey Rocks: Built in the early 1900’s, Grey Rocks rests right at the edge of Round Cove between Cool Ledge and the 19th Hole garage. It is on one level and has a sunporch and a fireplaced living room, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Approximately 684 square feet.


The Art Studio was built in 1985. It was designed by the American painter, Will Barnet, based on the dimensions of the Art Student’s League of New York classroom, and has been host to many artists and other visitors. Approximately 988 square feet.

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Ebb Tide: Ebb Tide was moved from the property of the Sebasco Harbor Resort, the year that it was moved is unknown, but based on its style, it was most likely built in the early 1900’s. It sits next to the Art Studio, across the road from Idle Hour and Glimpse O’Sea but does have some water views from the front porch. All on one level, it has a living room (no fireplace) 2 bedrooms, and 1 bathroom. Approximately 550 square feet.  

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Wayside: Wayside was built in the early 1900’s. Set on the same side of the road as Ebb Tide and the Art Studio, it does still have some water views. All on one level, Wayside offers a fireplaced living room, a sun porch and 3 en-suite bedrooms. Approximately 928 square feet.

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Stone’s Throw: Stone’s Throw is not currently used as guest quarters, it is where the laundry is done and some items are stored for the property. It is not heated. There are 2 bedrooms, 1 on the first floor and 1 occupying the entire 2nd floor. There is 1 bath and a living room as well as a kitchen area. Approximately 968 square feet.



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Artists inspired by 45 Shell Road Phippsburg Maine

This property is currently an active business. Please respect the privacy of the owner and the guests and do not drive into this private property. Please direct any questions to Chessell McGee 

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